MadMan's Astronomy and Astrophotography Pages - Photos of the Week
Photos of The Week - February, 2017-April, 2017 - HaRGB single and
multi-panel images - Canon 6D and H694, Comets and Asteroid 5081
Sanguin time lapse.  Plus
ISS attempts with ASI174MM and C11.
Comet 45P/Honda Image Stacks and Time Lapse - Surprise capture of Asteroid 5081 Sanguin

I was imaging 45P/Honda over a 2-3 hours period the other night and, when I did a short timelapse of the calibrated and registered images, I saw
something whose orbital period did not match any satellite or planet type
over the 2-3 hour imaging period.  By updating my databases and mapping
my image to The SkyX Pro, I determined (with the help of some pros) the object to be the 5081 Sanguin Asteroid.  5081 orbits in the asteroid belt, is
15.4km wide and has a 4 year orbital period around the sun.  Discovered 1976 (the same year I got married - aww).  Nothing further to see here!
ISS Image:
ASI174MM, C11@prime (FL=2800), Captured with
Firecapture.  Left is a single image/frame, right is a stack of
10 frames.  Both are either overexposed or caught when on
the horizon.  I will get this damn thing right one day!
Planetary Images:
ASI174MM @ prime (FL2800), Captured with Firecapture.  A
V2, WinJupos and PS4 for processing.
Stack of 10 2 minute sub-frames - Canon 6D ! iso 800 in a Tak
FSQ-106 EDxiii at F5.0 - Cropped - PixInsight for processing.
Below Left:  The California Nebula - 8 hours total exposure, single frame.

Below Right: 3 Panel mosaic of the Spider and the Fly, the TadPole and the Flaming Star Nebulas. - HaRGB+HaLum method.  
4 hours each panel.

Images from a Hutech modified Canon 6D in the Takahashi FSQ106 EDxiii (4 and 5 minute exposures @ ISO 800 and ISO 1600) were fully calibrated
and then registered with a stack of simultaneously imaged Hydrogen Alpha filtered images done using a side-by-side SXVR-H694 Camera with a
mounted EOS EF200 zoom @ FL200.  

Mosaic integration and overall Processing was done with Pixinsight and finished in PS4.  Presented as Ha-Red/Green/Blue + an Ha-Luminance layer
with some saturation enhancement done in PS4.
Here are the results of your search(es) in the requested field(s) (positions are
determined from elements integrated to a nearby epoch) :

The following objects, brighter than V = 20.0, were found in the 15.0-arcminute region
around R.A. = 11 26 18, Decl. = +28 05 27 (J2000.0) on 2017 02 25.23 UT:

Object designation         R.A.      Decl.     
    V       Offsets     Motion/hr              Orbit              Further observations  

(5081) Sanguin       11 26 21.4 +27 57 42  15.6        0.8E           7.8S          30-    23+   20o      None needed at this time.

Number of objects checked = 827794
2 hour Time-lapse of un-processed images - Identification of Asteroid
5081 Sanguin
Short stack captures of two other comets on the same evening:  

Left = comet 41p tuttle-giacobini-kresak  

Right = comet 2p/encke 2017
Jupiter and Io during Opposition - April, 2017