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Vario Bell 47 G II

don't acknowledge their e-mails, was modeled off of other pictures of Bell 47GII cockpits.

- Seat backs were made from balsa and felt.
- Wall to wall carpeting only costs 20 cents per square foot (felt) and held with 3M adhesive spray
- Pilots are GI Joe and 21st Century, cut 1/2 inch from waist and 1/2 inch off calves
- Battery and many other items are made from balsa and coated with epoxy
- Instruments were made from a jpeg of MS2000 flight sim panel of a Bell 47 printed on photo
- Water transfers were made from jpegs gotten from the internet or made in PhotoShop 7
- Battery water transfers for GILL and ACID WARNING were made by scanning a real helicopter
MARS ROTATING BEACON - One of 5 lights
functions with a switch from the radio.