Music and Recording

- Kimball Baby Grand (c 1925)
- Alesis full keyboard/synth/midi
- Fender American Deluxe V-Neck Stratocaster
- Martin D16RGTE Acoustic
- Takemine Acoustic
- Fender Mandolin
- Full pack of Hohner blues harps

- Digi-Tech GNX4,
- Zoom H4N,
- Zoom H2
- Fender tube amp
- Peavey amp
- Roland cube
- Some decent microphones
- Laptop and mixing computers

Software used:
- Pro-tracks
- Adobe Auditions
Playing music and recently recording it became a competitive hobby to RC for me in 2008 or so.  As a kid, I was forced to take piano
lessons and, after a 20 year break, I took it up again in the mid-90's as a way to relax.  Despite hating lessons then, I am glad I took them
and I highly recommend trying to get your kids to take them or doing it yourself.  It helped me subsequently teach myself guitar and I have
even been experimenting with a mandolin and harmonicas as well.

Unlike those of us that struggle with music, however, my wife was born with a beautiful voice.  Despite being  modest about her vocals and
protesting my requests for her to sing, it was her accompaniment to my random playing over the years that made me want to record it for
no other reason other than I like messing with Adobe applications (Adobe Auditions processed these tracks).

Bottom line, we started this joint 'hobby' and, regardless of the quality of the results, it is a one that doesn't take me away from the house
and her, and it is one we can enjoy together.  I don't listen to the original song before I try it, so excuse my arrangements from memory.  At
least they put a different spin on the tunes, which are typically done in an improvised take or two per instrument.  Cathy usually does one
take to humor me.  After recording the tracks, I go about the madness that is production and mixing, which in and of itself is an art I have
yet to master, and finish each song in the same day it was recorded.  Anyway, enough on the excuses, all in fun so who cares.  

Good, bad or indifferent, I post this 'work' as a tribute to the fun we have had doing it and to the voice I have heard and loved
for so many years that I often hear it in my dreams.  
Here are a few of the 20 or so tunes we have fooled around with since we started hobby recording years ago.  MP3's -
file size range from 2-10 mb.  Genesis is my favorite and yet was one of our first attempts.  
"Genesis" - Jorma Kaukonen

Cathy - Vocals
Mike - Takemine x 2, Keyboards
"Today" - Jefferson Airplane

Cathy - Vocals
Mike - Fender, Martin acoustic, lame ass
tamborine on synthesizer
"Bunker Studios" - build in progress at the farm...
"If I Could Have Her Tonight" -
Neil Young

Cathy - Vocals
Mike - Martin acoustic, Piano, Synthesizer
"Expecting to Fly" - Buffalo Springfield

Cathy - Vocals
Mike - Piano, Organ/Synth