Hobby Site

My name is Michael DeMita and I have had this website for well more than 10 years. The site is as much diary or blog as
website and it follows my advances (or lack thereof) in pursuing my hobbies.  It also includes a lot of media and information that
is from days gone by, so don't judge :)

A good deal of the site consists of RC helicopter experimentation and flying made possible, in part, by advances myself and many
friends were at the forefront in pioneering in the early 2000's.  These included pushing the envelope and working with
manufacturers to test, develop or improve lithium battery technology, high-frequency/speed digital transmission, gyro stabilization
technology and photography using remotely piloted aircraft we built. These advances seemed to have become the foundation for
the drone and UAV boom we see taking place today.  It used to be a lot harder to fly :).

Much of my new posting has to do with astrophotography and the point of the site is nothing more than showing people new to
any of the hobbies I am into my progress and, hopefully, providing them with some tips if they are interested in the same

From a background perspective, I have more than 25 years of investment banking, corporate and international finance experience
as an executive with Fortune 500 firms like AT&T and Chrysler and almost 10 years experience as an entrepreneur.  I received
my B.A. from the Johns Hopkins University and my M.B.A. in finance from NYU's Stern Business School.  I initially started my
career out of undergrad in Computer Science/MIS and wish I had stuck it out.  Business is nowhere near as much fun.

In the last 9+ years, I have raised over $300 million in equity and debt for a business I founded in 2007.  I have profitably exited
portfolio sales of investment grade assets twice via sales to multi-billion $ firms as part of this enterprise. After my last portfolio
sale, I left my position as CEO at the firm I founded to work on some new things.

If you have any questions about my hobbies or interests and are thinking about getting involved with any of them, feel free to
email me directly:

Finally, I live in Georgia with my wife of 38 years.  We recently packed it up and bought a horse farm north of Atlanta.  We
don't have horses yet, but we ride and plan on getting two.  In the interim, I am keeping my hobby stuff in the barn - one stall
per hobby :).  Anyway, we are really pleased with our new house and have put some pics below.  We are naming it North Star
Farm because of the prominent view we have of Ursa Major and Cassiopeia rotating around Polaris through the night.  I have
gotten an observatory approved by the county and will be building one when we are done with another project.

Most importantly, we have two great kids (Michael and Kristen) and a family we love being near.

I hope you enjoy the site.