MadMan's Astronomy and Astrophotography Pages - NorthStar Observatory
NorthStar Farm Observatory - Canton, GA
Build completed: October, 2018

After more than a year of on and off construction, finally completed a 10x10 observatory
building with an Explora-dome 8' dome in the front pasture of my residence with the help of
friends Brent Pollard and Tim Sharp.

Below you will find some images of the process and interior as well as equipment specs.  
Building and Equipment Specs:

- Explora-dome ED1 (8')
- 10'x10' wood building - used ED's aluminum support interface to the dome
- Exterior - hardiplank and brick - built on grade
- Pier - 12" concrete 48" above the floor and connecting to a 2'x3' dead man concrete pour buried 4' deep.  All rebar supported.
- Mount (for now) Losmandy-G11
- Scopes - C11, Tak 106, ED80 - interchange-able
- Mount control - constructed from 1/2" plastic board, convenient placement of power supply, power distribution and usb hubs, etc.
- Fosters shutter and rotation automation system (also 'for now')
- Acer Predator gaming laptop driving 3 monitors, the dome, mount and cameras.  
Images (more recent first):